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Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Birthday and diseases are related

Rudraksha suggestion for people born on sunday

Weekyday of birth is Sunday


Birthday & Diseases are related suggestions

          Person's day of birth (weekday) also gives lots of indication on the diseases that may bring suffering to the person. Also on the same day of the week, day time and night time makes a lot of difference. Diseases occurring during day time are different from that occurring if born in the night.

          Below we discuss on diseases occurring to people who are born on Sunday as day of the week. Also we will indicate some suggestions and preventive measures for such people. Also rudraksha that will help for such people.


Born on Sunday - Daytime

          Sun is a self realizing planet. People born on Sunday are full of self energy & physical energy. Capability to take responsibility, to make or execute work/task certain ways, firmness, clear on their goal and style are some of the special characters for. These people never feel weakness that may have been caused by physical or mental power. These are people with least fear & having brevity all over. They get high blood pressure related or heart related diseases in life. They feel restlessness in the environment where fighting like situations exist. Sometimes diseases like acute fever, joint pain near knee and ankle, eye related diseases bring trouble.

Preventive measures/ prevention :-

  • Take more natural cure procedures.
  • Natural sun baths etc are really helpful.
  • Wear 12 mukhi rudraksha for all success and happiness in life.

Born on Sunday - Night time

          People born during Sunday night get mental tiredness, tension for whole life. Cough, bronchitis, blood impurity caused diseases occur. Anger is very bad for these people. Angry people are seem getting more blood less type disease ( scrurbby ). Anger brings temperature in their body leading to less water in their body and thus making impure blood. During old age, if such people get irritation character, they get surby or related diseases.

Preventive measures / prevention / precaution:-

  • Always keep your mind cool.
  • Always try to keep your blood clean.
  • Never get anger.
  • To get rid of piles, hemmrrhoids in life -> take simple food style with least non - vegetarian food, be constrained/ restrain from wrong doings.
  • Wear 5 mukhi (minimum 3 nos) + 12 mukhi rudraksha for all happiness in life.


For people born on Sunday who diseases in life, Rudraksha suggestion for such people born on sunday are 12 mukhi as priority.


By Himanshu Nayak

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