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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rudraksha for people born on 6th or 15th or 24th day of month

Recommended rudraksha for Venus related people

disease and precaution for people born on 6 15 24

          Characteristics, behavior, disease & prevention for people born on 6, 15, 24 date of birth of the month are described below. 13 mukhi rudraksha is recommended for Venus or sukra affected people for leading better life.

People with birth date 6 15 or 24th date of the month

          People born on 6th, 15th or 24th day of the month are counted as people controlled by number 6. People with birth date or destiny number 6 or six, have sukra or Venus as their controlling / character building planet.

Characteristics for people born on 6/15/24th

          They are very kind and having more patience. They never give heed to small diseases. They are opposite to those 5 controlled people who simply become restless with small diseases. How much pain or suffering they may be getting, but they do not express their diseases properly.

- These are the people with full of happiness and happy going people.

- Affectionate, simple, luxury liking, lover, liking poetry, music etc.

          If Venus (or sukra) is found to be not auspicious as per the birth chart, then the above good characters are seen to be expressed/present in a negative way and bring dangers to the karaka. Rather than becoming lover they may become greedy, wrong minded. Can have bad habit like drinking etc seen and these things make them more dangerous.

Diseases for these people

          These people get all types of diseases related to Venus / sukra. That is mostly related to sexual, sexual organs or sperm and related.

          Also diseases related to chest, nerve weakness, urine related, cough related, constipation, blood on nose type, cancer etc also give problems to such people ( with not auspicious Venus in birth chart ).

          If venus is not auspicious in the birth chart, then proper precaution should be taken from childhood to bring good life to the person.

Precaution & prevention for better health and life

  • Do not get more interest in physical relation with opposite.
  • No drinking of alcohol.
  • No Polygamy.
  • Keep Yantra of Venus
  • Keep yantra of maha lakshmi
  • Chant mantra of sukra or Lakshmi.

          If these small precautions are taken care of, then they may not face the humiliating diseases during the later stage of life.

Rudraksha recommendation advice

          13 mukhi rudraksha is recommended for all round happiness and health for those people who are born on 6th 15th or 24th day of the month.

By Himanshu Nayak

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