11 Mukhi Rudraksha

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
11 mukhi rudraksha

11 Mukhi Rudraksha

11 Mukhi rudraksha frees from all evil

11 Mukhi rudraksha is Hanuman (11 Rudra). 11 mukhi rudraksha will kill all evil and provide all kind of puny or good results of sacrifice. The eleven face rudraksha bead has no particular ruling planet. The ruling lords of 11 mukhi rudraksha bead is Lord Indra and Lord Hanuman (the eleventh Rudra). This gem is also known as "Ekadash rudraksha '. The 11Mukhi bead induces courage and confidence to the wearer to lead an adventurous life and make him strong, wise, healthy and without the disease. This bead is very suitable for meditation purposes and blesses the wearer with wisdom, correct them, powerful vocabulary, courage and success. It also removes all the obstacles and problems and cure many chronic diseases. This gem is considered a good remedy for problems related to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The ancient scripts say that the wearer of the 11 Mukhi bead has the same qualifications as those obtained through sacrifice of one thousand horses, or gift of a thousand cows. Eleven Mukhi rudraksha bead is also said to give salvation that the wearer is not born again. This bead used as a remedy for pain in the body, backache and chronic alcohol addiction, liver disease, etc.


          11 mukhi rudraksha represents the Lord Hanuman. Lord Indra rules also here rudraksha.The wearer is blessed with wisdom, correct them, powerful vocabulary, adventurous life, courage and success. Gives self-control of all senses and thus removes abuse. The carrier of 11 mukhi rudraksha shall name and fame and material comfort. Recommended for the maintenance of the entire nureophysiology.



By Himanshu Nayak

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