Wearing Emerald - How to worship and Wear Emerald

wearing emerald and worshipping

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 How to wear and worship Emerald - Gemstone for Mercury


Rules of wearing and worshipping?

Wednesday is the chosen day. Go to the shop on this day and if possible buy before noon and give it for making ring on the same day. Give instruction to the jeweler on the way and day that he should follow on making the ring.

Instructions for the Jeweler for making Emerald ring

Instruct the jeweler to prepare the ring on Friday or Wednesday or Saturday of the week. That day the jeweler should work and try to finish the ring making. The ring to be made in gold of silver metal. The ring should be made in such a way that the bottom open is made for the stone in the ring. This ensures maximum touching of the stone with the wearer body. The ring should be worn on little finger of on the ring finger.

How much weight of the emerald stone to be worn ?

Try to choose the stone above 3 carats. It should be worn on right hand and only on little finger or on ring finger.

Worshiping before wearing Emerald gemstone

  • Wash the stone and ring with pure ganga water.
  • Wear green dress if possible.
  • Use green Asana if available.
  • Arrange one green cloth and keep the ring on it.
  • If possible make a Budha Yantra and place it on the cloth for worshiping. If arranging yantra is not possible, then pray to the available god photo.
  • Arrange all worship items for offering.
  • Make all offerings and do the puja.
  • Do Meditation on Budha for few minutes.
  • Do Japam or chanting for Budha as described.

Chanting Budha mantra

Do Chanting for Budha for 108 times. The mantra for budha is "Omm Bum Budhaye Namah Omm".

After all the puja done in the morning, Offer water to sun and wear the Gemstone ring.

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