Defective Emarald wearing problems

problems due to wearing defective emerald

Defective emerald and the problems

  • It is said - Red color spot if found on defective emerald, then it will decrease the wealth of the wearer.
  • The son of the wearer has fear - If the emerald is found to have defect with small/medium yellow spot.
  • Some emeralds have thread like of visible lines, cloud type of substance within. This is not good and brings negativity to the children and family.
  • If there are drops within the emerald - Then it is not suitable and brings fear and less / not favorable to the parents.
  • Spots on the emerald which are of dark colors like black - This is very bad and can bring un favor for the wife / partner.
  • Some emeralds will have lines looking like that of spider web - this is harmful to own health.
  • Some emeralds are seen to have multiple colors mixed and looks like not one color stone - This decreases the intelligence and wit.

 defective emerald

When one can wear emerald that has issues that is described above ?

  • One who has Ketu positioned with mars, Saturn, Ketu or Rahu in the first house of the person.
  • On first house mercury is surely powerful and well positioned. And when with the above planets, it is ok to wear the emerald which are having above flaws. Mercury said to give positive results on these cases.

    So the defective emeralds can also be used and worn. But before wearing one should see that the astrological factors and conditions are met to wear such a defective gemstone.