Benefits of wearing Emerald

  1. Emerald brings good fortune along with proper intelligence and memory power.
  2. Financial gain to the merchants is the well known benefit.
  3. Success in education and career and also benefits and increase to the wealth and children.
  4. Very useful to wear during the major periods of mercury also during the sub periods of mercury.
  5. Gives health, happiness and success ( The most important need for a fulfilled life ). Name and fame increases after wearing the real / original gemstone.

Properties of Emerald

Price: 8000 - 10000 INR per carat.

Quality of Stone : Untreated, Natural and Government Laboratory Approved Gemstone.

Name of the Stone: Emerald.

Color of the Stone: Natural green

Shape of the Stone: Oval and Emeral shpaes are Available.

Origin of the Stone : Colombian / Zambian

Dimensions of the Gem Stone: Varies with size.

When one should wear Emerald

  1. Emerald is the gemstone for Mercury. And is worn for getting proper benefits from mercury.
  2. When mercury is the natural ruler for the 2nd house, 1st house, 4th or 5th house - This gemstone is found most suitable for wearing.
  3. While wearing gemstone for mercury, one should find the mercury to be a beneficial planet.
  4. It is always necessary to find out the auspicious planet while wearing the gemstone. 

How to identify original Emerald

This is cold in nature. It also have better and more weight compared to the fake ones. We can test the originality of the stone simply by following some easy eye tests. We should keep the stone in water pot and test the light emission. Please read more on "How to identify real Emerald"

Problems on wearing the defective Emerald

As per astrology we should always prefer the natural and the perfect gemstone for wearing. This also applies to this stone which is the gemstone for mercury. Whenever one wears the defective one which is having red spots on it, then there are issues to his family and health. Please read more on "Defective emerald wearing issues"

Wearing and worshipping

We need to do proper puja and worship before wearing the gemstone for the first time. We should wear it fauvorable in the early morning hours after doing proper mantra japam and puja. Please read more on Wearing and worshipping Emerald. Read more on physical and chemical properties of emerald.