Identification of real emerald

Identification of real emerald

identification of real emerald

          How will we identify real emerald if we are in such a situation to do so ! We certainly need to know the problems because of defective emerald. Also in some situations we can really wear defective emerald. So we should know when one can wear defective emerald. There are few open and easy ways to identify and differentiate between the proper real emerald and those of fake and imitation ones. Let us find out the ways to find real emerald.

identification of real emerald gemstone 

Methods of Identification of real Emerald

  • Bring a glass and put half full water. Put the real emerald stone in it. We will find that the water fueled to have green color with it and also it feels that the green light is radiated. This makes easy to identify original emerald.
  • We also have the eye temperature feeling with most of the beads. Keep one original emerald stone on your eye. It should give cool effect on it. ( Definitely place the stone above your closed eye only ). We generally find that the fake stone of emerald will become heated quickly.
  • Bring a soft wood piece. Slowly rub the stone against it. The real emerald should shine. While the fake ones will have no difference to be seen or marked after rubbing.
  • With a small white cloth kept on hand, keep the stone on it. Real emerald is seen giving green light reflections where the light is fallen on the stone.
  • As usual specific gravity and refractive index check - The fake ones should have less specific gravity and refractive index compared to the real gemstone.
  • Bring a raw turmeric. Rub the real emerald against it. We should find some red color change on the raw turmeric whereas the fake does not bring such result. ( Little difficulty in taking this test ).
  • Also the usual water drop test can be done here - The water drop on the pure emerald is seen to retain firm while on the fakes there is generally spreading of the water drop.


     By following the above simple methods, we can easily Identify the original and real emerald.

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