Rudraksha necklace 5 mukhi

Rudraksha necklace made with both Nepal and Indonesia 5 mukhi rudraksha. Nice look and classic mala of 20 inch perimeter to be worn around neck.
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Description about 5 mukhi 35 beads necklace

Number of beads used for making : Total 35 beads. 21 beads of Nepal Rudraksha beads. 14 beads of Indonesia Rudraksha beads.

Size of the Rudraksha beads used : Nearly 20 mm size of the Nepal Rudraksha beads used and 10 mm size for the Indonesian Rudraksha beads used for making.

Size of the Mala / Rosary : 10 inch is the length of the mala when hung. 20 inch is the total perimeter.

Material Used for Stringing Such Mala : Durable white cotton / woolen thread used for stringing the beads together.

Other description on the Necklace : When worn on Neck, the Indonesian beads fits the neck perfectly and the Nepal beads are hung on the chest. Very nice looking and easy wearing.


Importance of wearing this mala

Five mukhi beads gives peace of mind and contentment. Very useful for daily mental balance and also for keeping the person cool and disease free. Helps to bring luck and confidence on continuous wearing.


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