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Friday, July 29, 2011


astrological remedy for planets



          We are discussing about the remedies that is possible as per Hindu astrology for planets like Moon, Mars, Mercury & Jupiter. Please read through the notes described for indivisual planets below.




astrological remedy for planet moon






Astrological Remedy for Planet Moon




Moon: humor of the Moon (Monday). Donate a bead (or moonstone) for a female leader on Monday evening, whereas reciting the Chandra seed mantra:

Om SRAM SRIM sraum Sah chandraya Namah --- 11 times

RESULTS: the planetary deity Chandra is happy increasing mental health and peace of mind.







astrological remedy for planet mars




Astrological Remedy for Planet Mars



Mars (Tuesday). To donate a red coral to a celibate on Tuesday at lunch time, while the reciting Mangala seed mantra:

Om HUG krim kraum Sah bhaumaya Namah --- 19 times

RESULTS: the planetary deity Mangala is happy to increase the determination and drive of, and the protect from violence or injury.






astrological remedy for planet mercury



Astrological Remedy for Planet Mercury

Mercury: Animals Mercury (Wednesday). Donating emerald (or a nice green pearl tourmaline) to a poor student on Wednesday at whereas reciting the Budha seed mantra:

Om Bram brim Braum Sah budhaya Namah --- 9 times

RESULTS: the planetary deity Budha is glad to increase the health and intelligence. Relief of nervous disorders caused by an badly positioned Budha-grahadev.






astrological remedy for planet jupiter



Astrological Remedy for Planet JUPITER

JUPITER: Events of Jupiter (Thursday). Donating yellow sapphire (or other yellow bead yellow topaz) to a Brahmin (Vedic priest) on Thursday morning, whereas reciting the Guru seed mantra:
Om gram grim graum Sah gurave Namah --- 19 times

RESULTS: the planetary deity Brihaspati is happy increases the satisfaction and facilitating marriage and childbirth, and family harmony. Reduction in disease caused by an badly positioned Jupiter.
































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