5 mukhi Shiv Guru mala 36+1

A perfect Shiv Guru mala is made with 37 beads of 5 mukhi rudraksha strung together with chandan bead spacers to get perfect peace and blessings.
1,699.99 (INR)

Importance of shiv guru mala

Gives concentration power to the wearer of this mala. Brings down the anger and short temper nature of the wearer of the mala. Bestows with knowledge and calming nature to the wearer. Blood related irregularities are seem to be controlled and slowly the disease is removed. For meditation also this mala helps to keep your concentration and less vibration to the calm mind.


Configuration of Shiv guru Rudraksha mala

A perfect composition of 37 beads of 5 mukhi rudraksha beads.Each bead is nearly 17-20 mm size and are of best quality.

Rudraksha beads used are of Best quality Nepali beads. Color and quality of the beads used are sandalwood and perfectly cleaned beads.

Each bead have best quality white sandalwood spacer. The length of the mala is 15 inch when hung on neck. 30 inches is the perimeter of the mala.

18 beads of pancha mukhi rudraksha on each side with 1 bead at the center as meru. Can be used as a mala to be worn for getting peace and disease free body.

The mala is made properly with proper way of making process along with proper mantra japam. Before dispatch the mala is properly energized and made puja according to vedic methods. Other related documents to read to know more about the benefits of wearing.