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Friday, July 29, 2011
astrological remedy for planets
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How to get astrological remedies for different planets ?

We are discussing about the remedies that is possible as per Hindu astrology for planets like Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu. Please read through the notes described for indivisual planets below.

astrological remedy for planet venus

Astrological remedy for planet Venus

Venus: humor of Venus (Friday). Donating a diamond (or any other colorless jewel that quartz crystal) to a poor young woman Friday night while chanting Shukra seed mantra:

Om DRAM Drim draumar Sah shukraya Namah --- 16 times

RESULTS: the planetary deity Shukra is happy increasing wealth and marital happiness. Also a decrease in disease caused by an badly positioned Venus.

astrological remedy for planet saturn

Astrological remedy for planet Saturn

SATURN: Events of Saturn (Saturday). To donate a blue sapphire (or other blue to purple gemstone amethyst that) to a very poor man on Saturday night, whilst reciting the Shani seed mantra:

Om pram prim praum Sah shanaisharaya Namah --- 23 times

RESULTS: the planetary deity Shani is glad to ensure victory in quarrels, in the coming chronic pain, and get success for the those who work with iron or steel trade.

astrological remedy for planet rahu

Astrological remedy for planet Rahu

Rahu: humor of Rahu (Saturday). Donating a hessonite (or some other nice oranges garnet or zircon) to a leper on Saturday, two hours after the sun, while the reciting the Rahu seed mantra:

Om bhram bhrim bhraum Sah rahave Namah --- 18 times

RESULTS: planetary deity Rahu is glad to grant victory over the enemies, to benefit from the king or government influence over the the masses and reduce illnesses caused by Rahu.

astrological remedy for planet ketu

Ketu: humor of Ketu (Thursday). Donating a cat's eye gem a poor young man on Thursday midnight, while the reciting the Ketu seed mantra:

Om SRAM SRIM sraum Sah ketave Namah --- 18 times

RESULTS: planetary deity Ketu is glad to grant victory over the enemies, to favor from the king or Governments, and reduction of illnesses and mysterious problems caused by the an badly positioned Ketu.

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