Red Coral

Properties of Coral gemstone

Quality of stone : Flawless gemstone, Natural and government laboratory approved.
Name of the stone: Coral, Moonga in Hindi, Prawal in Sanskrit.
Color of the stone: Deep red color
Shape of the stone : Oval shape. Evenly shaped.
Origin of Stone : Japan

Benefits of wearing Red coral

Worn to ease the malefic effect of planet Mars from astrological analysis.
Brings self confidence within the wearer.
The stomach disorders slowly comes down for the wearer.
Removes obstacles to success and brings strength and energy for the challenges.
Brings great technical and mechanical abilities.
Very suitable for builders, engineers and surgeons.
Leadership qualities and administrative power are increased after wearing.
Stability in the finances and expenditure is bestowed.

Qualities of good red coral

Should be red in color and preferred to be deep red.
Best to wear oval shape stone.
Should not have holes and dents on it.
Should have proper and even thickness and color.
smooth and lovely splendor

Why should i wear red coral

From astrological point of view, wear this gemstone to get all benefits that mars can give. This gemstone is favorite to mars and on wearing the negative effect of the planet is removed and the benefits on finance and good health is bestowed. Wear it after consulting to astrologers and wear in a copper / gold ring.

Wearing And Worship

Choose Tuesday for making and choosing of the gemstone. Wear the gemstone preferably on Tuesday before 11 am in the morning. There are other rules and rituals for wearing.

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