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Wearing Worshiping RED CORAL

          Red coral is a beutiful gemstone which is found in sea bed. It is the recommended gemstone for Mars. By wearing this gemstone we can bring power to Mars in position to our Kundali and get all benefits and power from mars to succeed in life.

  1. Buying gemstone on chosen day.
  2. Choose the right red coral stone.
  3. Instruction to the Jeweler and making ring.
  4. Cleaning before wearing.
  5. Worshiping and wearing.

Buying Red Coral on chosen day

          Tuesday is the most auspicious day for mars worshipping. So choose this day for buying gemstone. Better (if possible) to choose the day when Chitra, Anuradha, Dhanishtha or Mrigshira nakshatras are present. So Decide the Jeweler shop from where you are going to buy beforehand. Wake up early and go to the shop on the tuesday.

Choosing the right Red Coral

          Choosing proper size and weight for the gemstone is very important. Choose the coral with weight of nine carat or 11 carat or 12 caract. Choose the stone preferably over 6 carats. Better to avoid 5 carat of ratika and 14 carat or ratika.

Instruct to the jewler for making

          Go early before 11 AM preferably. And suitably at 9 AM. Choose the best red coral gemstone there and give it to the jeweller on the same day. Choose and give to jeweller before 11 AM preferably. Give the size of the ring for the right hand ring finger.Instruct the jeweller to make the ring with proper back open so that the gemstone touches the body more. Order for the metal to be used for ring to be of god and copper.Instruct him to make the gemstone ring on the same day preferably.

Cleaning before worshiping

          First time wearing and worshipping of the stone along with the ring is very important. Keep the gemstone immersed in raw cow milk overnight. Otherwise keep atleast for one hour deeped inside raw cow milk. Then remove the ring from the milk pot and then wash it. Wash it with holy water like Ganga water preferably. Otherwise you can use Overnight kept water of copper pot or rain water.


Worshiping and wearing

          Bring one red cloth and place it in front of you for worshipping. Also arrange all normal puja items. Keep the ring on the red cloth. If possible make a Mars yantra otherwise keep your god photo for worshiping as mars. Offer flower, insense and Dhoop to ring and god. Also offer sandalwood paste to god, ring and self. Bringing mars energy while worshipping is important. And for that all things in red color is preferable if possible. Offer other things for worship and then prepare for the Mantra chanting. "Om Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Om"

mantra for Mars

 Chant the above mantra atleast 108 times there. Think about Mars and pray for him. Then offer water in a copper vessel/pot to Sun/Surya. Then wear the ring on your right hand ring finger.

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