How to identify real original coral


How to identify real original coral

identify real original coral 


         We need to identify the real coral. We should be aware of fakes and should be careful while choosing. Remember that the yellow and white coral are not that much good. We have seen that white coral being used in Bengal and also in Europe. Also black coral is not to be chosen. Below we have listed out different ways to identify the real coral which is original and chosen.

Milk test of coral -

Bring one glass and keep half milk in it. See the color of the milk in the glass. Now dip one red coral into it. You should find that the milk gets a color change towards red. This happens because of the red color being radiated from the stone and being absorbed properly by the milk. In case the stone is a fake coral, then there won't be radiation of proper red and it will not change the color of the milk.

Wear and test -

Wear the coral for a few days. You should find that the coral is responsive to your health. When you have not that good health, then you should see that the stone has fade color or has become very light in color before your health problem arises. Also there is another interesting thing for the stone. It should get the original color back when you get recovered from your health issues. These type of color changes with the original stone is common and can be tested to assure that you are wearing the original and real stone rather than the fake one which won't be responsive to your health changes.

Rubbing test -

We can rub the gemstone and notice the sound that it brings. In case the stone in not real then the material used are related to glass type. And when it is rubbed it should bring a glass rubbing type of sound. While it won't be like that for the real gemstone.

Magnifying glass test -

Bring a magnifying glass otherwise take it from the gemstone shop owner. Keep the gemstone on a white cloth and proper light. See through the magnifying glass. The original and real stone of mars does not show any type of granules with it. It should look very smooth and even. But for a fake and not real one, you are supposed to see some type of granules with the stone. (little difficult test).

Rubbing with turmeric test -

Bring a raw turmeric. Rub the stone with it. The original and proper gemstone of mars won't make the turmeric piece into red. While in other case you should find red marks on the turmeric or it will go towards becoming red. (little difficult test).

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