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Sunday, May 1, 2011
Geeta book written by supremesoul

Geeta The book of ultimate spiritualism

We should read Gita daily

Geeta is the book of ultimate spiritualism. The contents are super philosophical giving proper guidance to every aspect of human life. The book was written before thousands of years. But it contains all the experiences that man can get in thousands of years.

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Who Spoken Geeta
Geeta was spoken by Supremesoul. To him we calll as father, ( father of our soul). Also we call him parampita, parameswar.

Supremesould speaks the Geeta

Geeta describes the supremesoul to be telling all to become Soul. Only supremesoul can tell others to become like himself soul. A human being can not tell to become like himself like soul. It is a point to understand.

Who is supremesoul ?

Hinduism is the oldest religion that the current world believes. In Hinduism, only supremesoul is Shiva. If we go to the Shiva Temple, we see people offering to a piece of rock in the shape of cylinder and top half circular. If we ask them, they tell Shiva does not have a body and is a supremesoul.

Who are others being prayed ?

All other forms being prayed by them are having human body. Definitely they might have done something good in thier lifetime, so people are praying those human forms. But they are not god. They are devatas, the enlightened beings.

Supremesoul spoken Geeta

So Supremesoul has spoken of becoming soul in Geeta. When it could have been written ? It looks that the book is spoken and is a discussion between God and human being. That means the book is definitely not a written book. It should have been told by God and sometime some person has made it a book.

Geeta is the teachings of God to Human

Geeta is the teachings which God/Supremesoul has given to human beings. How he may have given ? Where he may have given ? When he may have given ?
Shiva the supremesoul

By Himanshu Nayak

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