precuations while wearing rudraksha

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
precautions while wearing rudraksha

Precuations while wearing rudraksha

Few precuations while wearing rudraksha

We Should take few precuations while wearing rudraksha.

          Duplicate rudraksha made of cardboard are flooding the market and therefore it is important to ensure that you carry a genuine rudraksha. It is always advised to take precaution while wearing rudraksha. Particuarly because of fake thing in the market. And we also advise our customers for taking more precuation while wearing rudraksha. It would be great if you could buy rudraksha from a reputable source. Here are some tests for the detection of fake pearls that can be sent out as genuine:

• A fake rudraksha will float in water. A real one, on the other side will settle at the bottom.
• Do not wear a rudraksha which is eaten by insects and pests.
• Do not wear a rudraksha that are broken or chipped.
• Less rudraksha is perfect for meditation and prayers.
It is appropriate to use the larger rudraksha for curing diseases

So Take precuations before wearing rudraksha.

By Himanshu Nayak

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