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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Horoscope is made in 2 ways namely North Indian chart

North Indian chart & South India chart


What is horoscope ?

          Horoscope is a chart. It gives the position of planets with respect to earth. It tells the zodiac and time. For preparation of horoscope the inputs are year, month, time, date, longitude, latitude details.

Types of horoscopes

          There are primarily three types of horoscopes created. They are namely "Lagna", "Rasi", "Navansa". We generally use nirayana rasi chart more widely. The refined form of Rasi chart is called Navansa chart.

What is seen in horoscope ?

          A horoscope consists of 12 houses, 12 planets and 12 signs. Also contain 27 nakshatras. Indian astrological system, known as Vedic astrology, accepts and uses 9 planets. Vedic astrology is our traditional system used across India. There are various ways of representing horoscope. We primarily use 2 methods.

  1. North Indian System
  2. South Indian System


          These days various computer software are available to make horoscope at ease. Computer software also facilitates both South, North Indian representation of horoscopes. Computer also being used for more dep study and more detailed analysis of jataka or Chart.

north south indian chart

Difference between North / South Indian horoscope

          North Indian system is prepared by cross pattern. Here Lagna is placed in first house. Other signs are marked in anti clock wise direction.

          South Indian system made with horizontal and vertical lines. The signs always start from the start mark "*". The signs move in clock wise direction. The lagna can be placed in any house. Lagna is marked with symbol of ASC or L. Lagna house is accepted as first house.


Rudraksha is used to ease the bad effect of planets in horoscope. Rudraksha has good effect on human body and mind to give peace, health & wealth.

By Himanshu Nayak

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