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Help:related to 7 mukhi rudraksha and more

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I have few doubts regarding rudraksha, please help me and guide me:
1) i have come across various portals, some say u can wear 7 mukhi around neck and some strictly deny that it should be kept in a locker? which one to follow
2)mercury is currently in enemy state in my horroscope..so can/should i wear 4 mukhi rudrakha?
3) jupiter dasha is going on for me, so can/ should i wear 5 mukhi rudraksha?
4) should i wear these rudrakha in black thread or red thread?
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Hello sir, I will try to give my opinion to different questions as below.
1. 7 mukhi rudraksha is considered as for Lakshmi Mata.
Mata Lakshmi is known for money and happiness at home. Also for contentedness to the human being.
Some of us consider this situation/fact and suggest 7 mukhi for keeping in the cash box only.

7 mukhi is also considered for Shani Dev. For the planet Saturn 7 mukhi is considered to be giving benefits. And when we consider this fact some feel 7 mukhi should be worn only.

2. 4 mukhi rudraksha is for Brahma or knowledge or more power of the mind. It can always be worn based on our primary/initial evaluation of beads to choose the best one. There is no need to remove it when we feel the current Jataka period is not running fine. So please keep it wearing.

3. 5 mukhi is for calming down property and also for giving protection and health. It should be worn as per your initial evaluation to choose the right rudraksha. It may not be removed for the current dasha. Please keep wearing it.

4. At our shop, we consider wearing these rudraksha in red thread. Some people who like to choose black thread, then there is no issues. Some people like and feel black thread to be more good. If you are asking me then i suggest please keep wearing on red thread.

Although i tried to answer all these as per my personal evaluation, but there may be variation in opinion on this from other readers.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Hi Sir
Thanks for the reply
But my query still persist. Should I wear 7 mukhi around the neck or not. My saturn is in exalted state.
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moreover about 5 mukhi, jupiter is my own sign and already in a friendly state..currently i am not wearing the rudraksha, should i wear it?
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Sir, From my understanding, You can wear 7 mukhi in thread around neck. 5 mukhi also very good for you. Wear it minimum 3 beads or more.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Dear Sir
   If u need any further details on the rudraksha recommendation, please apply for rudraksha recommendation online.

   While choosing rudraksha - Please see that which all beads suits you as per your current understanding and focus on the way of analyzing it. There is no particular negative effect because of rudraksha beads.

Om Namah Shivaya