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Rudraksha sinking in water test

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Hi, Recently i got one seven mukhi rudraksha from a shop. I was curious to test the bead for the genuine ness. I came to know about rudraksha water testing. I taken one glass of water and dipped the rudraksha bead inside it. I saw that the bead was not sinking rather it was actually floating. But I have some doubts about the test. The bead was feeling better after wearing. And i can not tell that the bead was fake. Please guide me on this
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Hello Suresh,
   These days there are doubts about the beads as there are many sources of fake beads coming into the market. And the such fake beads have made people suspicious about the beads. And testing the beads for that surely removes the doubts.

Rudraksha water test is very popular as it is very easy. We find many beads which are floating on water. The beads are floating because of the size and weight ration not in proportion. Many of the proper and good quality beads are seen sinking in water. So water test alone is not a way to test the beads properly.

One thing is , heavier beads are said to be of better quality. And such beads are said to be sinking.

But if beads are not sinking also the beads are found mostly of better beads too.
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Suresh, we had a previous forum discussion on rudraksha and water floating.

You can go through the above link and read the previous discussions.

We find that most of the beads seem to be floating on water. And definitely half of the beads sinks. A sinking bead can be regarded as better than the floating beads. But all floating beads are not fake.

Sometimes it is seen that, after keeping the bead in water for some minutes make the bead to sink as water and air are replaced.

Your beads are seeming to be of genuine category as you are describing it to be giving good results on wearing. There are less matured beads which may not sink and float on glass of water but will still have better power and quality.
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thanks for the information.
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It simply demonstrates the thickness of the bead. Absolutely if the Rudraksha sinks it is in all probability of higher thickness and thus typically considered of a superior quality. I have said no doubt, the same number of fraudsters having understood that the basic man possibly feels that if a Rudraksha soaks in water it is a certifiable Rudraksha. Thus, they put the Rudraksha with lead and such other material of high thickness because of which the Rudraksha sinks right away.