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Rudraksha should float on water or not. My rudraksha is floating on water

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Recently i had to purchase few rudraksha beads. I found all the beads good in quality and color. I was thinking of testing the beads from my side to verify that the beads are actually genuine. For that i just thought of water test being the easiest one. I taken one by one bead and placed on a cup full of water. I found all beads to be instantly drowning with water except one five mukhi which drowned after 5 mins only. Again after the bead becomes dry, when i test again, the same thing happens with the bead. I had been told by the people that the bead is original. Please tell me about the views on rudraksha sinking on water or floating on water. Is it the best test to be done to verify that the beads are genuine ?

Thanks in advance
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We have found that there are beads that float and there are beads that sink in water. And water test alone can not verify the genuineness of the beads. We find that many beads constantly float. Even after some minutes of float, some beads sink. And this happens with many of the beads that are found to be perfect.

And many fake beads always seemed dipping in water because of perfect art work :)
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You can do boiling test to find out more about the bead.
Just keep the bead in boiling water for some time. the bead should not break.

also you can see the linings of the bead on a magnifying glass. The bead linings should be proper and perfect. The linings should look deep.
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Many times i feel, the so called “Water Test” or “ Rudraksha Bead Sinking in Water” are not  scientific tests.

And to check the authenticity of an original Rudraksha it can be tested scientifically.

Testing it with xray gives out the scientific result of fake or real rudraksha result.
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An unripe however certifiable Rudraksha will likewise coast in water. Counterfeit Rudraksha dab made of wood and impregnated with lead will likewise soak in water. Uncommon Rudraksha dabs like One Mukhi are here and there made by altering higher Mukhi dabs. This Rudraksha will likewise sink.
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Now and again uncommon Rudraksha globules like GauriShankar Rudraksha or a Trijuti are made by falsely joining a few Rudraksha with the assistance of paste and so on. If there should arise an occurrence of uncertainty, such Rudraksha dab ought to be put in bubbling water for 20-30 minutes. A sharp staining will happen at the joint if there should arise an occurrence of counterfeit Rudraksha.

There is another water test that is led too. The globule is set in a glass of water. On the off chance that it skims it is rejected. In any case, this test isn't entirely solid in light of the fact that :

An unripe however certified Rudraksha will likewise glide in water.

Counterfeit Rudraksha dot made of wood and impregnated with lead will likewise soak in water.

Uncommon Rudraksha globules like One Mukhi are once in a while made by messing with higher Mukhi dots. This Rudraksha will likewise sink.