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My 108 beads of rudraksha mala does not seem to be working

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Hi There, I am Arun from Canada. I have been here from my childhood. My father was previously in the defense. He had a psychological effect from his profession and feels like he is ready always for war and conflicts. He feels he is over active and always feels temperature due to the excitement and the feelings. I had previously came to know about rudraksha and had consulted on this and then i had gone for 108 beads of rudaksha mala. I had given that to my father and i felt that it was working only initially. After a prolonged time, i feel the mala does not work anymore. I would like to go for another mala or there are some way to make this existing mala again working. This mala is having 108 beads and is nearly 1.5 ft height on my father neck.\thanks Arun
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Arun, Rudraksha has both physical and psychological benefits. It works like wonder on all type of psychological issues. Rudraksha in 108 numbers are having special powers and works better. It immediately gives positive effect on the wearer by making him to feel healthy and calm. Also it gives very nice sleep so that the wearer feels the better part immediately and feels that there is a definite positive change within him.

The Rudraksha mala that you are referring is possibly the Indonesian beads or java beads. These beads are smaller in size and the sizes generally varies from 3 mm to 10 mm diameter beads. When 108 beads of such are strung to make a mala then it generally comes in that length. These beads are really good and it is believed that these beads are not that effective. The beads are having power and needs more care to preserve it's power for long time.
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I fully agree with Rashmita on the power and rudraksha.

Please note that we need to keep the sanctity of the rudraksha beads to keep it more powerful. Without giving any proper respect to the beads does not affect the power of the beads. But slowly the effect is not felt.

So generally a energizing is needed in such cases. You can read through the rudraksha re energizing process.

Also we need to wear the rudraksha mala with more care. Why ? To keep it powerful enough always. It at anytime there no power feeling, then a regular or re re energizing will be more beneficial. We need to follow certain rules to wear rudraksha for better effect of the beads and the mala together.
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You are correct,