Monday, June 21, 2021 1:05:45 AM

The rudraksha mala has been cut while sleeping. what i should do

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Sir, I have a rudraksha mala to wear. I used to daily wear and yesterday it was broken while i was sleeping. The rudraksha mala is having five beads of panch mukh. Each bead were strung by a thin strong thread. Accidentally it was loose and yesterday i saw that the thread is cut and the beads have come out of the thread. I tried to put the beads back into the thread. But it does not go properly. So i am now not able to string these together.

What i need to do before wearing this mala again. If u have any suggestion on crating new mala from the existing beads then it will be really good.

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No need to worry on this Sanjeev. Sometimes the threads get cut by some way and the beads may come out. You can now yourself do all the necessary mala.

U can bring a thin thread ( fish catching net thread will be better ) and pass it though the beads with the help of a thin wire. Put nuts on thread in between the next bead. Then you can measure the length of the total mala that you want to wear and cut the thread and make a mala yourself.
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You can make the mala as sashmita has suggested. If u are not sure that you can do you mala from the existing beads then please bring it to our shop and we will make the mala proper again.

As you are going to change your mala, it will be better that you again make all rudraksha puja before wearing the new mala. It will enhance the energy of the beads. You can follow puja of rudraksha to do the necessary puja while wearing. You can also make simple rudraksha pooja.