3 mukhi rudraksha

Brings energy within, Makes active. For a life of success and luck. Self confidence is increase. Helps to solve problems in life.
489.99 (INR)
Detailed description on importance, power and benefits

Importance of 3 mukhi rudraksha

Agnidev is represented with 3 mukhi rudraksha. It makes the wearer pure from inside. Past sins are removed. People with Inferiority complex are highly benefited. Self hatred feeling is minimized. Mental strain or stress is minimized after wearing. Brings energy and also removes the laziness within. Makes the soul pure. Brings success in life. Problems in life are solved. All type of diseases are minimized. It cures all problems related to ladies. Self confidence is increased.

Stress in daily life is controlled. Teen face bead is owned by Agni. Removes all past karma issues and opens up the opportunity for success. One gets Moksha with this bead. Heals all stomach and liver related issues.

Size: nearly 16mm to  18mm

Diseases cured by 3 mukhi rudraksha

3 mukhi rudraksha controls blood pressure. Diabetes which is now a threat to the nation, is also benefited. Very effective against stomach ailments, fever. Eye defect, cancer, cholera, ulcer, swellings are aided by use of this rudraksha. Weakness, disorders of the sex glands/adrenal glands are cured. Cold, blood infection problems get minimized. Cures (i) repeat occurrence of fever in children (ii) very weak children. Skin diseases are aided on use. Throat and Celia plexus part of the body are controlled by this bead. Beneficial for ladies menstrual problem.

Who should wear three mukhi rudraksha

For depression, negative or guilt feel mentality. If you are feeling guilt for no reason,you should be choosing this. Also for people getting inferiority complex feelings. Very helpful to people with weakness,sexual problems. If you are feeling laziness in life/work.

Astrological view of three mukhi rudraksha

Removes malefic of Mars/Sun. What are the bad effect of Mars planet - land disputes, accidents, inferiority feeling, fearful, self hatred, mental strain, blood pressure, disturbed menstrual cycle, kidney problem.

Disease cure as mentioned

It's excellent for those that would like to break loose of inferiority complexes, anxiety, guilt, depression, anxiety and fatigue. The wearer of this Rudraksha lives life at a totally free and positive manner. The man or woman who wears these Rudraksha does not have any difference of view in saying, doing and thinking in practical. The Rudraksha takes all of the miseries and sorrow from the life span of the wearer and leaves the entire life filled with happiness and conveniences. It's reportedly effective for individuals suffering from anemic problems. It's very good for boosting your energy levels, beating laziness and enhances blood flow.

Complete details

A unique bead is going to have well defined mukhis, so the lines which run from 1 end to other are nicely defined. Closely examine the bead and analyze whether the shapes and corns are organic and if there aren't any cracks across the mukhis. Assess when the beads are glistening, healthy and don't have any claws. The Nepal beads are somewhat distinct in size and appearance when compared with Java beads. The Nepal beads are relatively bigger in size and have clearer and darker Mukhis (lines) compared to Java beads.

The man who wears this bead after appropriate Sidhhi ( procedure of charging & purification with Mantra) will constantly receive the blessings of 3 forces and followed closely by three Deva. The wearer of this bead no longer stays an ordinary man because three electricity stays with the wearer consistently that help him to find success in all his works. It's thought to create the wearer daring, courageous and enriches self-esteem. It aids in subduing the unwanted effects of Mars. It's reportedly great for kids that are prone to injuries and illness. A single 3 mukhi Rudraksha at a crimson silk thread is advantageous for them.