1 mukhi Indonesia

1 mukhi Indonesian rudraksha bead - one mukhi rudraksha from indonesia. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha/One Faced Rudraksh is the embodiment form of Shiva, this Rudraksh makes a person similar to lord Shiva, which appears to be great frat and great anchoret. The one who holds this Rudraksh
7,500.00 (INR)

Bead Origin: Indonesian
Bead Shape: Elongated Oval
Bead Length: 10mm to 12mmapprx.
Bead Width: 5.00mm apprx.
Bead Quality: Authenctic - Superfine and properly tested.

Picture of actual product: The image shown is a representative picture of the product.

Authenticity: we provide authenticity certificate with the bead.

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1 mukhi

Consciousness and wealth is attained along with health energy and luck are bestowed. Gives control over senses to brings concentration.
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Enhanced Speaking power, good memory power, Intelligence is increased. Concentration and Memory is achieved immediately.
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2 mukhi Indonesia

2 mukhi Indonesian rudraksha bead - two mukhi rudraksha from indonesia. 2 Mukhi Rudraksha/Two Faced Rudraksh is considered as a symbol of god Ardhanarishvara (Half man and half woman). The person who believes in god Shiva, wearing this Rudraksh is more favourable to them.
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