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Ommrudraksha is an online market place for items/products realted to spiritualism & Yoga, where customers can buy from home.

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precautionHow to wear

We need to follow certain precautions while wearing the mala. Please read on precaution for rudraksha wearing to know more on such rules.

energizeEnergization process

We wear these beads as mala. Before wearing generally follow energize process or make the beads powerful enough for getting proper power.

colorDifferent colors

Beads come in different colors. Different category of people can wear different color beads. Please read more on Different colors of rudraksha.

RecommendationFree Recommendation

There are different beads which have different power in them. One need to wear the best bead combinations for full potential benefit. Get Rudraksha recommendation.

TherapyDisease Treatment

Different diseases can be cured by these beads as per Ayurveda. Rudraksha therapy tells which beads cures which type of disease.

testTesting methods

For Genuinity and to avoid fake beads, there are different ways by which we can test these beads. Testing rudraksha will ensure it.


Know more about different beads and their properties. Go though rudraksha video and know more on these.

ForumAsk Questions

Ask questions and discuss on spiritualism and all other product related. Use our rudraksha forum and get close to the community.

TestimonalRead User Testimonals

What others felt after wearing these beads ? Our testimonal page has many user experience written in words. Go through and know more.


Download word documents and pdf documents for reading offline. Please click on the following links to download the documents.

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rudraksha newsRudraksha News

Read through our new documents and experiences written as rudraksha news.


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