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Free Rudraksha Distribution

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free rudraksha
         We care for some special diseases. And we are eager to see our country to be free from such diseases. Happy to give free rudraksha for people suffering from these type of diseases. Free rudraksha.
         Have Approached our donors for such a scheme. All applications will be sent for approval to the donors. If approved, the communication and shipping process will follow from there. No communication will happen for rejected applications.
          There is no limit on the value of the rudraksha that will be sent free. The rudraksha sent will be dependent on the seriousness of the disease and the requirement that is found from analysis. Currently we have limited the diseases for which we will distribute free rudraksha with free shipping. It may be a continuous process where we like to give initial rudraksha free and then see the result and decide to give more rudraksha afterwards.
What diseases qualify for free rudraksha ?
- Cancer *
- Physically Challenged/handicapped brothers & sisters.
- Rare diseases*.
- Mental disorder patients*.free
Conditions apply *

Frequently asked questions on free rudraksha distribution

Question: Are you going to send rudraksha for free for the selected applications ?
Answer : Yes we send the rudraksha free for the selected applications and also send by post freely. We see a lot of misuse of the free rudraksha facility and scam. Now we are going to send suspicious selected applications to pay the shipping charge of 50 INR before we send the product to them.
Question: How applicant will come to know about payment of shipping charge ?
Answer: Only selected applicant will be sent email to pay for the shipping charge. The shipping charge is subjected to change. After the payment of shipping charge, we will proceed further.
Question : Does free rudraksha work as the normal rudraksha ?
Answer: The rudraksha which are given free with good intentions work multiple times better than the rudraksha which is bought. We understand that many may have different experience here. and we are talking about our experience.