Faces of rudraksha

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
faces of rudraksha

Faces of Rudraksha

Blessing from Shiva


Faces of Rudraksha

          The one faced is Shiva and it takes away sins of Brahmin-slaughter (brahmahatya). The two faced is God of gods (devadevo) fulfills all the desires and takes away the sin of cow-slaughter. The three-faced one gives means of pleasure. Padma Purana calls it Fire (anal) and it destroys one's sins in the past births. The carrier will not be sick and will never be defeated.

          The four mukhi one is called Brahma. Siva Purana says that its sheer vision and touch would donate achieve four goals of life.

         Padma Purana adds that a man carrying it would come to have knowledge in all branches of studies. The five-faced one is named Rudra, destroying also caused sins by eating forbidden food, or sex with a forbidden woman.

          The six - faced one is referred to as Kartikeya and the one who wears it on right arm is rid of sins such as murder Brahmins. Padma Purana ensures that six-faced rudraksha would make a Brahmin honored by the king, assured a kshatriya of victory and vaisyasan dsudras of prosperity.

          The seven-faced units and Ananga even a poor man becomes master by wearing it. This is known as Ananta the Padma Purana and wear it, no poison will not spread in the body. The eight-faced units Vasumurti and Bhairava. It promises a rich life, and after death of the wearer becomes Trident-bearer(Siva). Padma Purana calls it Vinayaka itself.

          In addition to various other qualifications that the Carrier acquires skill in writing and in other companies.The nine-faced one who called Bhairava. Siva Purana adds to the nine forms of Durga is its chairman deity.

        The ten-faced one is called Janardhana the Siva Purana. The devotee who bears have their desires fulfilled.An added qualifications quoted by Padma Purana namely the snakes would perish.

          The 11-introduces a named Rudra. Padma Purana says that 11 Rudra live in the 11 faces and to a to carry it on the top knot (sikhaya). It Carrier acquires from thousands horse sacrifice and also the benefits of donating thousand cows (a Brahmin).

          The 12 Adityas are supposed to be present a 12-faced one. Padma Purana indicates that it should be worn round the neck. Siva Purana calls for a 13-Visvadeva as favorable.

          Finally, the 14-faced one is Supreme Siva. Padma Purana prescribes wear it on your head or arm.

          All above said about fourteen faces of rudraksha. Purans tell only about these fourteen faces of rudraksha only.

By Himanshu Nayak

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