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Want to wear rudraksha..

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I want wear rudraksha...I don't know which bead is suitable for nakshatram is avittam....which beads is good for me...
i have some issues on health,career and other problems also.....suggest me which rudraksha is good for me
any details needed from horoscope...
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Hi, Wearing rudraksha has many benefits. And rudraksha with different faces or mukh  are supposed to give different power / feelings. All beads can be worn by all the people. As there are many types of beads and the most important thing is there is a price attached with each bead, so wearing all such beads to get all the different benefits are really not that easy or feasible. Also wearing so many beads may not be possible for most of us as a regular mala.

    So we choose the minimum rudraksha beads which actually we may be needing. And there comes the choosing part. We need to choose rudraksha beads for this purpose of money and also wearing minimum number of beads. We need to choose and select those beads which can fulfill our minimum requirement from the bead benefits.

   We can go through each bead property. We can read through them and can choose the one which the mind says yes this is the bead which i require first.

   Rudraksha can be chosen based on birth details or based on rashi and rudraksha. Also based on personal choice also. Remember that rudraksha does not give any bad result because of wearing* .

Om Namah Shivaya
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Dear Sir

    If you are confused on choosing the right rudraksha, then you can visit our rudraksha recommendation online page. There you can give your personal details like date of birth , phone no etc. Those details are seen by our astrologer and he recommends the right rudraksha. We deal with the personal details with care as per the law.

   Sharing your personal information on the public forum is not good. And we won't be able to give u proper recommendation and reason by exposing your personal details fully here.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Dear Sir

    As i understand from your question, i can recommend you the following rudraksha beads which sounds right for you.
    If you have any questions on these, then please send us email at We are not supposed to explain why we chosen the beads. We are not discussing or learning the astrology techniques here.

     You can wear a rudraksha combination including 13 mukhi rudraksha, three numbers of 6 mukhi rudraksha and one number 7 mukhi rudraksha and one number 5 mukhi beads and one number 8 mukhi rudraksha.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Thank you himanshu, rashmitanayak, sashmita for your valuable suggestions