Monday, June 21, 2021 12:56:46 AM

Please share your thoughts and opinion on rudraksha and ratna wearing rules

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Hi all there, I had got one rudraksha mala with one ratna (blue sapphire)  on it. These beads along with the ratna was made as one mala to be worn around the neck. I came to know from my neighbours that the shiva mala should be worn with caution. There should be different way to wear it. There needs to be atmost care for wearing during the day or night. Also about non vegetarian food and onion eating should be a distance.
   I think i regularly take onions. I do not take non vegetarian food. But my daily cooking includes onions and also garlic some times. Though i am not keen about eating non vegetarian food. But i do not like so i do not take them. I feel i have got so much to on the rules while wearing and before wearing the mala, that i have now certain confusion. What to be done and what to be observed as precaution.

   I can still leave onions. But still leaving it one fine day for ever won't be that easy. Still i have a confusion and doubt about these rules for wearing rudraksha along with the ratna.

   Please share your thoughts and opinion on these things.

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Namaste Mahesh, It is nice to see that you have choosen rudraksha to be worn and taken step to order it. Wearing rudraksha have many good and positive effects. Just wearing it gives many experiences that were otherwise not possible.

   Regarding rules and regulations while wearing rudraksha. We at our website have pubslished few rudraksha wearing rules. These rules are published on our blog posts. Please go through them and have your understanding on what you like to observe.

   There are no hard and first rule for wearing these rudraksha. But certainly there are certain rules for wearing the ratna. Currently here in this post, i am only writing about the rules to wear rudraksha and not talking anything about the ratna wearing.

   The observance of different rules are optional. Please do not get confused on things like "If i do not do like rule1, then it may not work". There is nothing like that. But as we are spiritual people and we associated it with the god, so we like to tell certain rules for better working of the beads. Otherwise also no issues. It still works.

Please go through rudraksha wearing rules.

Om Namah Shivaya