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The best suitable rudraksha to be worn by me is to be selected by what different ways ?

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Hi All, Rudraksha beads page shows a lot of different products. There are lot say more than 10 products. All these having different things in description and different photos. At the end i understand that all are the same rudraksha. I was lost in reading so many things. At the end these are same beads.

I am really searched what can be best suitable for my situation. But how does all such descriptions going to bring me to conclusion of choosing best suited one ? I want to know which bead will suit me . I although read, i am lost because of so much of text in it. What are all different ways to choose the suitable rudraksha to be worn and the best possible way to select the best ?

thanks In Advance, Tuhin
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Dear Tuhin,
     I feel it difficult to tell which all rudraksha may work properly for you now. There are different rudraksha beads. Different beads means they differ by a small physical property. These are calls mukhi or the number of lines that goes from one face to the other face of the rudraksha bead. We have kept different rudraksha bead references on our "Different beads" section which you have referred.

   Each bead may have different property. And generally the person can read those properties and try to find the one which fulfills his requirement. The person can read and compare different properties and see if he fits to wear certain chosen rudraksha.

   Also the rudraksha beads can be chosen based on certain astrological information of the person. We also recommend rudraksha based on such properties. So in such cases the person provides his personal birth details and the recommendation is based on those data.

   I feel it is better for you to just fill our online rudraksha recommendation page and get the suitable rudraksha that fits based on your astrological details. Then you can decide the way you want the beads to be worn.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Different ways to select the right rudraksha. Either you can see the properties of each bead and then decide which one fulfills your requirement.

Otherwise you can analyze your birth details and choose based on that.

Om Namah Shivaya