Monday, June 21, 2021 12:49:58 AM

Should I wear rudraksha being in other religion

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Hi All
    I have been getting pinched by some health issues. I have come across the knowledge of rudraksha beads from the internet and from the documents that i have read online with different websites. I felt that the rudraksha can be helpful in curing the cause that i am searching for.
   Still i have a doubt, I am from the different religion and have a doubt whether wearing rudraksha beads will affect any such. I am curious to know about other religion people wearing rudraksha beads and the result that they may be getting after wearing such.
   Please reply me if u have any such experiences that can be shared here.
   Also follow discussion on rudraksha wearing rules.
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Mahesh, As i understand, Rudraksha is a natural bead. it can be used by all people of all race equally and without any difference.

I can give u some reference to make the point clear. Many people from all different religion are using these type of beads from long time and are also wearing. The way of wearing or the way of respecting it may be differing from one to another.  This is my personal opinion. So all should be feeling good with this bead irrespective of any difference.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Rudraksha is an wonderful and natural bead. It has a lot of positive energy within it to bring the best health for the person wearing it. Many a people either find a solution to their health problem after wearing rudraksha or they feel better from the current health situation. So i would recommend to wear at least the Saraswati mala rudraksha.

Om Namah Shivaya