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Wearing both 4 muki and 5 muki mala

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Wearing both 4 muki and 5 muki mala in the neck is good or bad?? Please help me
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I understand that wearing both beads together have better benefits.

Both beads can be worn together in a single mala. May be 1 bead of each of more beads of each to make a better mala.

4 mukhi is for better knowledge and memory power and better control over the  mental activity.

5 mukhi is for general protection, calming down.

These two should be worn together normally to get best results.

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Nausadh, i also have same understanding, like wearing both 4 mukhi and 5 mukhi are beneficial.

Generally one is supposed to wear rudraksha beads in odd numbers, So possibly you can always mix these two beads in such mala.

For your reference to the reason, you can see that saraswati rudraksha mala, contains a combination including 4 mukhi and 5 mukhi. This mala in such a combination is seen to work much better. So no doubt on such combination.

Also the recommendation on wearing rudraksha beads may differ from person to person. If someone is having good knowledge and memory power then possibly 4 mukhi won't be recommended in first advise. But wearing them does not make any issues.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Thanks... But i ordered for both 5 muki mala and 4 muki rudraksh seperately... After getting this can i make a mala on my own

With combination of one 5 mukhi and one 4 mukhi rudraksha..
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Yes Nausadh, Surely you can ask us for the customization of the mala.

Out staff will call you before posting the order .

Om Namah Shivaya
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can i wear 4,5,6 mukhi rudraksh at the same time or as combination if yes please suggest me how many beads can i use from each mukhi or can i wear 108+1 mala of all the 3 types at the same time let me also tell you i'm already wearing 5 mukhi mala 108+1 so can i add single bead of 4,6 mukhi to the mala i'm wearing right now the reason as per ma zodiac sign i should wear 4 or 6 mukhi so i'm confused please help me
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Wear 12 beads minimum of any bead that you are wearing for best results.
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Hi, I want to wear a 4 mukhi and 5 mukhi rudraksha mala. Can it be customised. Thanks
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A rudraksh is a blessed bead so it ought to consistently be worn with respect. Consequently it is encouraged to be worn as and accessory on neck as first choice. Anyway it isn't composed anyplace that it can't be worn on midriff. it ought to be stayed away from on midsection