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Rudraksha little chipped at top while drilling hole

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Hi ,

I bought a 1 mukhi, there was no hole drilled. While drilling the hole, the top got chipped a little bit on the other side. Please advise if it is okay to wear this Rudraksh bead.

I am wearing 5 mukhi bead, is it okay to wear the one mukhi with five mukhi?


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Hi Saket, I hope you are talking about 1 mukhi chandrakar. 1 mukhi chandrakar rudraksha are like half moon shape and resembles to original 1 mukhi round rudraksha in power. These chandrakar beads when broken ( on the single line on the top), there we find one hollow compartment where there exists one seed. The power of the rudraksha bead is because of these seeds and in 1 mukhi there will be one seed giving the power.

    If the top of the bead is chipped, it will have opening to the inner compartment and will have lesser power. Power will still exist with the bead. But better to change the bead.
    In case you are talking about 1 mukhi round rudraksha, then also there will be some power and you can continue to wear. But better to change the bead if possible. Otherwise continue how you feel after wearing.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Saket, Many of the grown and proper beads which may have grown fully, have small cracks at the top face. Those cracks are natural and that much small cracks are ok.

1 mukhi works properly when worn with 5 mukhi rudraksha. The effect of 1 mukhi rudraksha is enhanced and gives more better results and known as personal power mala. Go ahead and wear 5 mukhi along with 1 mukhi rudraksha.

And wear the beads in odd numbers like 3 beads. So with one 1 mukhi rudraksha, add two 5 mukhi rudraksha and make mala.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Thanks so much Sasmita and Himanshu on the advise. I tried it for few hours and felt very good. I will try it for a few more days and see.

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When a Rudraksha is broken, split or chipped it is viewed as unfavorable. In specialized terms it is called or named "Khandit", "Bhang" or "Spoiled" and subsequently not encouraged to be worn.

For your situation in the event that the storage compartment of the Rudraksha has broken, at that point the case is the equivalent and it is best that a similar treatment below is met to it.

It ought to likewise be immerse in clean water ( Visarajan )in the wake of having played out a littler petition .
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Say our bead is broken little more and If we are sticking the Rudraksha with some adhesive or someway, then result wise it is no use and hence no need to join it.

Just let the Rudraksha go if the bead is broken much and you need to replace the Rudraksha by replacing it with a new.