Monday, June 21, 2021 12:34:18 AM

Free rudraksha application have no communication

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Hello sir,
     I had previously applied for free rudraksha through the free rudraksha link on your website. I feel there should be proper communication on the free rudraksha application progress. After 2 weeks still i have no idea what happened to the status of my application. Will it be processed or rejected. If rejected also, i will be glad to know my status of application. I would recommend you to keep these points in mind for the free rudraksha application. It will be really helpful for all such cases. thanks for the reply. Sikha
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Hi, We are currently giving free rudraksha only for certain requirements. We are not giving free for all. So only people who are eligible should be replied. And in all cases where we feel the application is not genuine we simply ignore that. So replying to such cases is not entertained from our side.

  We are slowing trying to improve the free rudraksha applcation properly so that people will come to know what happended to their applications. But that will take some time to come.

Om Namah shivaya
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Sikha we are happy to hear about your recommendations. We are in the process of improving that and will incorporate the suggestions that you have pointed out. We may take some time to implement them but will surely consider them while improving the same.
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The free rudraksha application is now sending automatic recommendations. As the application is applied, for customer engagement basic level rudraksha recommendation is provided soon.