Monday, June 21, 2021 1:19:48 AM

i got 2 rudraksha beads which were at home from last 20 years

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Dear sir, I got 2 rudraksha beads at our village home. These 2 rudraksha beads are looking like 2 mukhi rudraksha. I had seen rudraksha beads of two faces which actually looked much smaller than this bead. This bead is nearly 30 mm width and the body of the bead does not exactly look like that 5 mukhi rudraksha which i had got from you. The face looks much smoother. The beads are both not having natural holes. Will these beads be proper and natural 2 mukhi rudraksha ?

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Sir, As per your detailed description for the rudraksha bead, it seems like the bead is not a common bead. The bead of 2 mukhi are generally small. And that of 2 mukhi round rudraksha are also normally not that bigger. Generally the 2 mukhi rudraksha are not exactly sphere but it is more length. Also the 2 mukhi rudraksha does not come of the size of 30 mm. The good quality rudraksha beads have throne like protrusion on the surface. As per your description on the body of the bead, the bead should be of Indian origin only. Also the bead does not have natural holes. So definitely it is not proper Nepali rudraksha. Still we have doubt on the bead. Possibly you should show this bead to the proper experienced people.
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IF u find someone to confirm the rudraksha beads then it will be proper. In other cases you can also wear the mala for 3-4 days. Or you can do puja for the rudraksha and keep it with you for the day time for 3-4 days. If u feel anything positive changes with you then you can keep it wearing.

if u want to test rudraksha for genuineness then please follow the rudraksha testing document.