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Wearing 1 mukhi rudraksha was not that effective

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Hi there, I was excited when i first came across rudraksha. I found that the beads are really effective and powerful that i understand from the descriptions of the powers and benefits. I came across numerous online documents and the testimonials on their website. I had been tempted to know all about the beads and found that there is really some god gift for people. I felt 1 mukhi rudraksha is really nice and i can wear that for all the benefits that i want. Also I found that there are malas which are called Indra mala which are containing all the rudraksha beads strung together in a mala. Will wearing all these beads in a mala willl be that effective ? Will it be proper to invest that much money for such a mala which will contain all the beads from 1 mukhi rudraksha till 14 mukhi rudraksha along with some other beads. When i compare the mala with the price, it feels the price is too high to acquire such a mala. But still there is an interest to wear such mala and feel the real benefits of such a mala. Lopa
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Lopa you have right knowledge on the power and benefits of rudraksha. There is no other ornament like Rudraksha. The ornament which gives so much of mental peace and all other mental power related benefits.

The mala or rosary that you are referring is the  Siddhi Mala. These type of malas are actually a combination mala. In these type of siddhi malas there will be combination of odd number of rudraksha beads of different faces of mukhi. 1 mukhi to 14 mukhi rudraksha beads along with gauri sankar and Ganesha rudraksha make a very powerful and effective healing sidhhi mala. These mala are really powerful enough to bring the most of the possible benefits to the wearer. There are many descriptions on these benefits which you can go through to know more on it.

The decision to wear such costly mala depends upon the bead. As there are all beads together along with the rare beads so the price is very high. The power and healing effect of these malas are simply the best.
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For the first time wearing, it is really not necessary to wear the costliest one. You are advised to wear some other beads, then feel the benefits of wearing rudraksha. Then you go out and choose the siddha mala. Siddha mala are the most powerful and best healing mala available. So there is no doubt that the wearer will feel himself best when wearing Siddhi mala.

Rudraksha is really of the worth of money that you spend. It always makes you positive and brings out the best that is suitable for your current state.