Siddhi mala 1

Siddhi mala contains 42 beads of 5 mukhi rudraksha and 1 bead of 1 mukhi rudraksha. Used for getting protection and concentration. Also helpful for meditation.
4,499.99 (INR)

Description about the siddhi mala

Helpful for bringing peace and confidence to the wearer.

Brings protection from accidents and unnatural death.

Keeps the werer cool in mind and also in body.

For Leadership quality for the wearer and also for Business profit alongwith control over your finances.

Configuration of the siddhi Rudraksha mala

Contains 42 beads of 5 mukhi Rudraksha + One 1 mukhi rudraksha in pure silver capping

Contains 1 bead of 1 mukhi Rudraksha in pure silver capping.

All the beads are strung in best quality cotton thread which is durable.

The 1 mukhi rudraksha is placed at the center of the mala with 21 beads on each side.

The length of the mala when hung is 38 centimeter when medium 5 mukhi rudraksha used.

The length of the mala when hung on neck is 30-32 centimeter when regular 5 mukhi used.

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