How to clean Emerald gemstone before wearing

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Hi there
   I have bought one Emerald gemstone. This gemstone is really beautiful in the ring. I was wondering, when should i wear emerald gemstone. And also another doubt that i am having. How should I clean this gemstone along with the ring as I heard that the gemstone ring needs to be cleaned properly before wearing. Please suggest how should i clean the emerald gemstone ring ?

/ uday
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Emerald gemstone is favorite gemstone for Mercury.

Wednesday is the best day to wear and worship for Mercury.

Better you get up early on that day and then start doing puja.

The first time the gemstone to be used, should be cleaned before wearing and worshiping.

Cow's milk is the best. Bring fresh raw cow milk. Keep some milk inside a pot and put the gemstone along with the ring inside it. It is better to leave the gemstone immersed whole night. But you can immerse it for 1 hour in the morning and then remove and wash.

Then it should be washed with good holy water, preferably with ganga water. Rain water can also be used for this purpose. If any of these not available then keep some water in a copper pot overnight. Then use that water for washing the gemstone.
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For worshiping and wearing emerald gemstone please read the following document for following.

Wearing rules for Emerald
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When in doubt, you should clean your emeralds a couple of times each year.

A few people take their adornments to an expert to have it cleaned, yet you can likewise deal with your emeralds yourself. Simply adhere to these guidelines:

1. Utilize a delicate miniaturized scale fiber fabric to evacuate the oil and earth collected on the emerald gems.

2. Fill a bowl with tepid water and put some mellow cleanser in it. Spot the gems into the cleanser and water blend.

3. Utilize a delicate toothbrush or a gems dismiss to clean the gems. Make sure to utilize the brush to get into those difficult to-achieve zones and clean them altogether.

4. Fill a second bowl with tepid wash water. Submerge the gems completely in it and check to ensure that no sudsy buildup is left on the emeralds.

5. Dry the gems with a delicate clean small scale fiber towel. When the adornments is dry, it is prepared to be put away or worn once more.

Try not to utilize a ultrasonic cleaner on emerald adornments.

Likewise, abstain from utilizing business gems cleaner on your emeralds.

Ultrasonic gadgets and business adornments cleaners will expel the oils that the emeralds have been treated with and will make harm the gemstones.