Can i wear this Emerald gemstone

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Hi There,

   I have some doubts on wearing one Emerald gemstone. My father was having a Emerald gemstone with him. This gemstone has some layers showing within it. It is clearly visible when kept against clear light.

   I was curious to know if i can wear this Emerald. Except that layers issue i find that all other properties of the gemstone is fine. I really like the luster and the color that this stone has. I was going to make a different ring with this stone but i got few doubts while i was discussing with the jeweler. I felt i should first see if i can clear my doubts on this and then wear. Please suggest your opinion on this.

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You need to ensure that the gemstone that you choose should be natural and defect free.

For Emeralds there can be defects of many kinds.

For few emerald gemstone, you may find that there is thread like lines being shown on the stone and also within the stone.

This gives a sign that the gemstone is not that much perfect.

For a few more such defects are like having cloud like marks within the stone.

These things can be seen easily when you use a magnifying glass and keep and observe the stone against good light source.

By wearing such gemstone, it is described that - there can be harm to your family.

Specially the harm may be to the children who is wearing this type of defective gemstone.

So see if u can wear defective emerald or not by properly analyzing your Kundali.

Then you can be sure which one is suiting.

For most of people, they should wear the perfect and defect free gemstones only.
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May be that gemstone was suitable for your father.

For you to consider wearing that gemstone, it is better that you shown your kundali / birth details to a good astrologer. And be confirmed that you can wear defective emerald. There are cases where people can wear defective emerald to get more benefits. But those cases are less. So you should consult a better astrologer before considering.

Also go through this document to know more on who can wear defective emerald.
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I feel - We should be very careful before wearing defective gemstone. And for the Emerald gemstone, or any other defective gemstones, it should be properly consulted.

You can see that all the astrologers and other people always suggest for the proper gemstone, without flaws. Actually the gemstone with flaws have flaws in their effect. In other words, the improper gemstone give different power and effect than intended.
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Emerald isn't a promising stone for relatives governed by Mars, since Mercury is inconsistent with Mars. Accordingly, individuals of the Aries sun sign should be  be cautious before wearing this gemstone.They can become a close acquaintance with the Emerald gemstone just when Mercury is s situated in the third, seventh, and tenth house.

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Emerald or Panna rashi ratan is viewed as a profoundly viable prophetic gemstone of vedic soothsaying. As indicated by the old style Hindu writing, emerald gemstone speaks to little yet amazing planet Mercury (Budh) that bears a solid impact over local's life. Being related with planet Budh, emerald gemstone is likewise signified as Budh Ratna. It is essentially worn by the locals to quality the pitifully put Mercury in the horoscope and addition its positive impacts throughout everyday life. This valuable, green hued gemstone of the Beryl mineral family holds an extraordinary importance in western crystal gazing too. In western culture, Emerald birthstone is viewed as fortunate for individuals conceived in the long stretch of May. Energetic green emerald gemstone is known to have an entrancing emanation and unmatched tasteful worth. The old holy people and sages have portrayed a great deal about the emerald stone advantages, its mystical properties and solid recuperating powers. They profoundly accepted that wearing a Panna stone advantages the person by giving great wellbeing, astuteness, success, innovative abilities and happy conjugal life.