How many beads i should wear on the mala ?

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Dear Sir, I have been interested in rudraksha from a month ago when i saw a rudraksha exhibition. There in the exhibition i saw many types of rudraksha and also i read about different descriptions on rudraksha mahima that is described in different purans. I was really touched with the message that i read there and also got interested in further knowing about this bead. I was actually amazed that such powers that a bead can have. That time in the exhibition i did not buy the beads, but the message that the people has kept in hangings, really made a mark on my thought. I have been reading though different documents online to know more on these beads. One good website from where i got many different knowledge about the beads was rudra ratna pages. Nice descriptions on the beads and the powers. Most notable the experiences that people have shared is amazing. I found that most of the malas that are shown are having many number of beads. What is those 108 beads malas ? If i start wearing 108 beads mala that will be really large. And the price of the mala itself will become imaginary. How many beads do u think a person should wear ? I saw some malas of 54 beads and some of 26 beads. Does a person need that many beads in a mala to be worn to get effect ?

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I also had come to Bangalore for exhibition. Last week i came to know about the exhibition from the news paper. Then i had driven to Bangalore to see the rudraksha exhibition. It was really good and was overwhelmed to see that the response of people for the rudraksha is huge. And really it is amazing to find that most of the good old purans describe rudraksha importance and the benefits. I had gone ahead and bought few rudraksha beads from the exhibition in Bangalore. The beads work really best. I was recommended 5 beads in a mala. Also i got the mala being made for me immediately.

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I feel all people who have age above 20 can wear mala in which there are five rudraksha beads strung together. And i understand that the rudraksha beads should be worn with minimum three beads. For a child there can be less or only one bead which will be effective.

The mala where there are more number of beads like 108 beads or less than that, those mala are special malas. Those mala are special because it gives the wearer ultimate power and with full protection. The full energy within the beads are felt by the wearer within few days of wearing. It is a ultimate feeling after wearing. And yes, it is difficult to wear so many beads at a time. so there are 27 beads mala also. These mala will be lighter and can be worn easily.
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Rudraksha beads are the material from which malas (108 beads in number) are made. Different qualities are attributed to the rudraksha based on the number of grooves, or 'faces' that it has. A common type has five divisions, and these are considered to be symbolic of the five faces of Shiva.
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I want to wear rudraksha Mala in between 54 to 108 how many we can wear .as 54 is not fitting in my head sir
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as per my knowledge even a kid can wear rudraksha mala it doesnt depend on age that how many beads one should wear. you can go with 27/54/108 for neck. you can wear them according to your choice.