Want to wear rudraksha and tulsi mala combination. Can i wear rudraksha and tulsi mala together ?

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Want to wear a combination of rudraksha and tulsi mala. Let me knwo if I can wear Rudraksha and Tulsi mala at the same time?
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The tulsi mala is worn for better spiritualism and purity. It is one of the well received bead and mala of it is widely used for chanting and wearing.

It is considered to bring purity in the wearer and brings better spiritual inclination. Now many wear and use it for chanting purpose.

Rudraksha is also used for better spiritualism and purity. It is widely used and mostly worn by Sadhus.


There is no issue in wearing rudraksha and Tulsi mala.
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Tulsi mala is very pious, and it may or may not be compared to rudraksha. Rudraksha is for getting blessings from the God. Tulsi is worn to bring pious and clean characteristics. Tulsi mala brings a cleanness in the wearer and that is good to think that there is positive change within the wearer.

So wearing both is also good.
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Truly, you can wear Rudraksha and Tulsi mala together. Rudraksha deals with the Chakras in a particular way to advance recuperating and energy. Tulsi dabs advantage the wearer in an alternate manner, advancing refinement and sativc inclinations.
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The main thing you would feel in the wake of wearing tulasi mala is that you feel secured and centered.

You can check the advantages of wearing rudraksha mala at Is it fitting to wear distinctive mukhi rudraksha beads?

There is no Vedic directive on utilizing Rudraksha and tulsi together. The main thing you should guarantee is that your japa mala ought not be worn on the body and the other way around. This is on the grounds that the reason for a japa mala is not the same as a mala worn on the body.

Tulsi is an awesome source to manage mental issue of present day life, you can likewise utilize tulsi mala for profound reflection reason. One can set up his/her very own tulsi mala purchasing tulsi mala on the web
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Truly Rudraksha and Tulsi mala can be worn at the equivalent time. The mix of Rudrakshas and Tulsi in a solitary mala is additionally worn.

Definitely yes you can wear a rudraksha and a spatikam and a tulasi mala in the meantime. Its perfect and never a contention of energies all these are excessively positive even to be thought about.