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5 mukhi rudraksha bead uses

11 years ago
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     I have read and heard a lot about rudraksha mala. I see that most of the malas of rudraksha beads are made with 5 mukhi rudraksha bead. What are the uses of 5 mukhi. five face will give any protection to me ? I have been facing some accident issues where i get accidents at times. I got interest in rudraksha after reading few articles and am interested in wearing a mala of pancha mukhi. What are the uses and benefits of wearing pancha mukhi.

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11 years ago
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[url=/5-mukhi-rudraksha-bead]5 mukhi rudraksha[/url] is also known as panch mukhi rudraksh.

It is available in plenty. All the yields of panch mukhi amounts to nearly 90% of total yield.

five mukhi represent the lord Shiva himself. It provides good luck and excellence in all fields of academic.

It simply calms down the person and gives a relaxed mind and body.

Generally 108 beads of panch mukhi are made and used for chanting.

It helps to overcomes issues of accidents. Removes fear of unnatural death.

Blood pressure is calmed down and wearer gets benefits in all blood related issues.

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11 years ago
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5 mukhi rudraksha calms down the person wearing it. so it makes the person to have more patience and to have more control. So if an angry person seen wearing 5 mukhi rudraksha, then he feels he is more in control of his temper and has less anger.

For people who are having jupiter related issues or those who are having bad position of jupiter and they are facing the problems because of that, then 5 mukhi is most recommended.

Those who get regular accidents, those who have fear and need peace of mind should wear a mala of 5 mukhi rudraksha.

5 mukhi rudraksha mala of 108 beads are generally used for chanting.

It can be worn for few hours and can be used for chanting too.
11 years ago
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And suresh remember that, pancha mukhi rudrakha is for protection.

It protects by making a spiritual shield with the wearer.

So wearer does not get fear of death and untimely death does not come to the wearer of this [url=/5mukhirudrakshamala]pancha mukhi mala[/url].
11 years ago
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I am currently wearing a mala of 5 mukhi beads. I am wearing from the childhood. I think this bead keeps the person healthy and intelligent. Also makes the person punctual.