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Gauri Shankar Rudraksha

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Gauri Shankar Rudraksha

Good for bringing harmony in all kind of relationship whether family relationship or relationship around the friend and people in society or working places. Peace and pleasure of family are tremendously increased. Wearing this rudraksha removes planetary obstacle in the person who has difficulty in marriage or search for life partner. Wearing this rudraksha maintains the yin and yang energy within the person.Wearing these rudraksha has been found very good for careers involving dealings with people, such as psychology, sales and public relations. Diseases like sexual problems, impotence and behavioral disorders are removed.
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MANTRAOm Namaha Shivaya
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A Gauri Shankar is one of the miracles of the compelling force of nature. It is two normally co-joined Rudrakshas. It is ordinarily seen that one of the Rudrakshas is littler than the other partner in a Gaurishankar.

The littler one is alluded to as "Gauri", which means Goddess Parvati Mata while the bigger one is none other than the god-like Shiva himself.The Gauri Shankar Rudrksha is worn for the most part by the individuals who are experiencing issues in getting hitched or finding a reasonable life accomplice. It is likewise useful in situations where there is conjugal dissension. Now and again it is additionally worn with a perspective on improving connections all around.
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Another type of Gauri Shankar is the Garbh Gauri Shankar, where one globule is littler than the other. It is said to be perfect for ladies who are thinking that its hard to conceive. The Rudraksha will from that point continue a solid connection among mother and kid.