Garva Gauri

Gauri is the mother who owns the three worlds and creates and protects it. Her blessings brings protection during pregnancy and child safety.
2,399.99 (INR)

Passage from Linga puran which brings attention to Shiva and Gauri: Being energy and outward form or Shiva, the three worlds represented by gauri whose soul is Sankara. Shiva and gauri making all things and creating all things are the reason for all. Gauri representing the Mother Nature and creating the whole world and making us existing shows her power through creation. The female deity representing her as the energy and power of the lord is married to the lord is blessing us. Her energy much better represented with the garbha gaui rudraksha bead also being represented as garva ganesh.

Gauri being the daughter of Daksh is the mother of the mountains or the three guna or character representation namely knowledge, will and action making her the mother of the universe. Her power being in the garva gauri rudraksha makes it as the blessed pendant or kavach for the pregnant mothers.
With blessings of gauri the wearer feels her womb better for conceiving and feels for the child. The mother feels her child safe and protected when conceived. The pregnancy problemed mother gets blessings from the mother deity to bring safety to child in her womb by keeping her womb health better and protected.
The soul of this rudraksha bead is further enhanced by our puja and yanjya protected with the chanting and worship that we do for the bead. The mantra "Om Hreeng Greeng Hreeng" can be chanted while wearing the pendant made with this.
For the mothers to further get blessings, they can do yanjya for protection and overall family health. Please do one yanjya or write to us for such yanjya.

Configuration of the above bead shown : The bead is of 24.5 mm size. It has two beads joined together naturally. One is 5mukhi bigger beads joined with 5 mukhi smaller bead.