Monday, June 21, 2021 1:00:47 AM

21 mukhi rudraksha wearing details

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I have a 21 mukhi Java rudraksha which I want to wear i would like to know which part of the body it has to be worn ( around neck, wrist or arms and on which one left or right )

I would be much obliged with your advice.
Thank you

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21 mukhi is very rare rudraksha bead. Currently availability of this bead is very less and finding also difficult. And from cost point of view this bead is the most costly bead available.
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21 mukhi Indonesian rudraksha bead is a good alternative to rare Nepali 21 mukhi rudraksha. But definitely the Indonesian bead variant is having different result than that of Nepali counterpart.

Some customers have commented as "21 mukhi Indonesian beads are cheaper comparatively and can be worn with similar results to Nepali 21 faced one."
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21 mukhi rudraksha being a special bead, so all the first time rudraksha wearing procedures should be followed strictly.

Also it is expected that, the wearer of 21 mukhi rudraksha really keeps its sanity.

He needs to chant the Shiva Mantra daily so that the energy is always up in the bead and fully working.