21 mukhi rudraksha

21 mukhi rudraksha is lord Kuber who flows the wealth with good health. Fame and prosperity continues for ever.
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Importance of 21 mukhi rudraksha

  • Represents Lord Kuber (the God of Wealth).
  • Wearer is blessed with enormous wealth.
  • Wealth and Fortunes flow continuously till the rudraksha is with the wearer.
  • All luxuries of life are best owned.
  • Wearer is protected from bad eye, magic, evil.
  • Eikish face bead is owned by Kubera.
  • Immense wealth is blessed to fulfill everything of the wearer.
  • Every type of disease is eliminated.
  • Size: 38 mm nearly
  • Mantra: Kubera Mantra

Who should wear 21 mukhi rudraksha

  • Those who want all success in life.

  • Those who want fame and Prosperity in life.

Diseases cured by 21 mukhi rudraksha

  • Controls reproductive organs of human body.

  • Retain health of wearer.

  • Restores fertility & power in men.

Mantra for 21 mukhi rudraksha

  • Om Hreem Hoom Shivamitraye Namah.

  • Om Namah Shivaya

  • Om Heem Hreem Heem Shreem Shreem Shreemaim.