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Rudraksha Mantra - Mantra chanting for rudraksha beads

11 years ago
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I understand that rudraksha can be worn by any individual. What is the need of mantra then.

I recently found that my friend who bought some rudraksha mala and rudraksha bracelet, did not like to keep the energization process before wearing that. He directly went to the shop chosen the proper beads and made a mala and bracelet. Then immediately he worn the mala and bead. His experiences are that it works without those puja and worshiping.

And now i wonder why does this rudraksha mantra.

Where i can find rudraksha mantra.

How/Why to use rudraksha mantra.
11 years ago
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The worshiper of the rudraksha is blessed with prosperity and health. The same peace and prosperity also blessed for the wearer. We just follow certain principles so that the blessings are there for long stretch of time.

1. Rudraksha should be worn after making few siddhi.

Siddhi means the method of purification with mantra.

We generally make prayers and simple custom rituals for self and bead sanctification.

2. Rudraksha Mantra and Rudraksha beeja Mantra is to be chanted 9 times while wearing for the first time.

The rudraksha mantra can be chanted daily 9 times for better and more purification and power.

3. Daily it should be removed before going for sleep and can be worn next day morning.

If common rudraksha mantra "Om Namah Shivaya" can be chanted while again wearing next day, it is better.
11 years ago
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For rudraksha mantra please refer the /wearingrudrakshaforthefirsttime topic.

Rudraksha mantra will keep the beads full of high energy and there are better chances that the wearer feels the positive power for a long period of time.

With continuous use of mantra, the beads are always full of highest possible level of energy.
11 years ago
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Mantra is most to be chanted when the wearer feels that the rudraksha bead seems to be felt as not having that much power compared to the time when worn first time.

Rudraksha mantra has very nice effect on the wearer also.

For all rudraksha mantras, there is a common mantra which can be chanted in stead of other individual bead mantra.

Please check this rudraksha mantra document for all the related mantra for reference.
11 years ago
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If we refer to our purans and try to understand then we will find that

- Mantra chanting has only one purpose - Clean self.
- Mantra chanting for rudraksha beads as in the above discussion - it means that the wearer is making himself pure before wearing the bead.
11 years ago
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Different beads of rudraksha have different powers.

All these beads either suggest same effect of different effect.

The beads are having all different mantras ( some beads have same mantra) for chanting.

the chanting of the mantra gives the beads power and bring energy to the wearer.

One bead can have multiple mantras.

No need to chant on all mantras. You can practice to chant any one mantra from the list.

for example i give you mantras for 9 mukhi rudraksha as below.


"Om Hreem Namah" (Shiva Puran)
"Om Hun Namah" (Mantra Maharnava)
"Om Sum" (Padma Puran)
"Om Hreem Veing Yun"
"Raim Liam"
"Mahamrityunjai Mantra" (Brahajjalopanishad)
"OM. Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Mamritat"
"Om Namah Shivaya"
11 years ago
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The mantra for the beads are called beeja mantra. Also as mula mantra which activates and energizes the beads.

The Beeja mantra for rudraksha have to be chanted before wearing the beads for the first time.
10 years ago
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See if you spell out a mantra you will realize that there is a special movement of our mouth.
In our sanskrit language we have a lot of words which are difficult to spell out and from which all mantras are derived.
As soon as production of voice takes place in throat, that voice gives birth to some amount of elecrtical energy.
This electrical energy is very negligible hence we have to chant mantras for many times so negligance of energy gets minimise.
This special kind of energy exites the inner as well as hidden power of the rudraksha in the form of electromagnetic waves or called it as electromagnetic power.
It has been shown that Rudraksha Beads have electromagnetic properties and they affect Human Neuro physiology in different life supporting ways.
Scientifically the Rudrakasha beads are Dielectrical as they store electrical energy and posses Electromagnetic, Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic properties.
It is indicated that the dielectric and magnetic properties of the Rudraksha seeds impart positive changes in the bioelectrical system of the human body
in a life-supporting manner.
As a result of this electrical makeup of our body changes in positive manner.