Monday, June 21, 2021 1:21:37 AM

Mangalika dosha remedy

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I have mangalika dosha as per my birth chart being analyzed by a famous astrologer. I was searching through the rudraksha products available on the website. I did not find any suitable product for such issues which can remove or minimize my mangalika dosha. Please suggest which rudraksha should be worn for the mangalika dosha that i have as per my jataka.
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I think mangala dosha is called mangalika dosha when seen from marriage point of view. As Mars position in one's birth chart decides the way the person goes for marriage ? If mars is positioned at wrong places which are seen significant for marriage, then it is called Mangala dosham. If someone is seen to have mangala dosha, then there arises issues and concern when the marriage time for the karaka is passed. Rudraksha for mala on ommrudraksha is possibly the remedy for the managala dosham.
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Please try to analyze your birth chart with the astrologer and find out the proper things and the necessary precautions. Rudraksha is good for all type of problems related to planets in kundali. Rudraksha for Mangalika dosha can be used for such issues.
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We do have mangalika dosha descriptions in our vedic astrology. For the remedial measure of such problem, there are many descriptions in Lal Kitab on such. For the remedy there are different ways except the remedy for the mars.
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What is the meaning of mangalika dosha ? Is it something related to birth chart!