Blue Sapphire

Benefits of wearing Blue sapphire

  1. Blue sapphire brings peace, prosperity, happiness and beauty in life.
  2. It is a hard gemstone and responds rapidly.
  3. It helps to Improve financial status and concentration.
  4. It brings success in business and financial growth, also benefits in multiple sources.
  5. Essential to wear during the major periods of Saturn mahadasa and sade sati shani.
  6. After wearing this blue gem it gives mental clarity which helps to remove confusion and helps the individual to take correct decision.
  7. It protects the wearer from black magic, evil eyes and negativity..

Properties of Blue Sapphire

Price: 8000 - 12000 INR per carat.

Quality of Stone : Untreated, Natural and Government Gemstone Laboratory approved.

Name of the Stone: Blue sapphire.

Color of the Stone: Natural blue

Shape of the Stone: Oval and rectangular shapes are Available.

Origin of the Stone : Cylone

Dimensions of the Gem Stone: Varies with size.

When one should wear Blue Sapphire

  1. This blue gemstone is associated with the planet saturn.
  2. It is worn to get benefic effect from Saturn.
  3. Individuals for whom saturn is present in 4th, 7th or 11th house in their birth chart should wear blue sapphire.
  4. When wearing this gemstone for saturn, one should find the respective planet to be a beneficial planet.
  5. Neelam or blue sapphire is recommended to wear when saturn major period is going on. 

How to identify original Blue Sapphire

This has light shade of blue color and transparent. This gem is considered cold  in nature. This is also a hard gem. We can test the originality of the stone simply by following some easy eye shows two shades of blue when looked through dichroscope. Please read more on "How to identify real Blue Sapphire"

Problems on wearing the defective Blue Sapphire

It is recomended to wear Gemstones based on astrologer advice specially blue sapphire which is a very powerful stone. As this stone is related planet saturn .wearing a defective blue sapphire can cause loss of reputation,loss in business,loss in relationship,health problem etc. pls read more on "Defective Blue Sapphire wearing issues"

Wearing and worshipping

The wearer of blue sapphire should do proper puja and worship to activate it before wearing the gemstone for the first time. We should wear it favorable in the early morning hours after taking shower. Please read more on Wearing and worshipping Blue Sapphire. Read more on physical and chemical properties of Blue sapphire.