Defective blue sapphire wearing issues

Defective Blue Sapphire and the problems

As blue sapphire associated with lord Shani, it works perfectly only when it suits the wearer. It is a powerful and actively working stone. So it should be worn by proper analysis of birth chart by qualified gemologist.The position of Saturn in birth chart is important while the stone is to be worn otherwise the wearer may face some side effect of the stone.

Generally It is not recommended to wear  a cracked or defective blue sapphire it may cause the wearer to face accident and obstacles.
  1. If the flawed blue sapphire stone is in milky white line appearance, it can lead poverty, problems in eyes 
  2. This gemstone also known as Neelam. The stone with more flaws may cause depression, loss of relationship, more into debt and heath problem too.
  3. Individual should not wear a fake one as  it can bring  health issues and financial problem to its wearer. 
  4. There should not be black inclusion on the stone which may give negative impact to the wearer. The stone should not have lines of black. 
  5. If the stone is in double color shade  then that may lead  problem from enemies. 
  6. If the stone is having red color dots inside it then it may cause poverty or financial loss.
The gemstone enhances the energy of its corresponding planet so while choosing a gemstone individual should take  recommendation from proper qualified astro gemologist.